My First Blog Post

Hellllllooooo web world! This is my debut moment into the blog sphere, so I’ll introduce myself: My name is Mika Senda, and have made my foray into the illustration world in 2017. Up until then, I’ve been working as a graphic designer (and still am), but only recently decided to take a more active approach to creating, posting, and promoting myself as an illustrator. I know it’s a long road ahead of me, but right now, I’m enjoying every moment I take out of the day to make illustration work.

So, I’ll basically be using this blog as an online journal of what I’ve been doing, blab about process and ideas, and obsess over other people’s work that inspires me.

To start off, here’s a drawing  I did and posted onto my Society6 and Design By Humans page. I find that doing these allow me to try out different styles and subject matter that I normally don’t do or go for, and to test them out in the public online shopping platforms. Even if it’s not necessarily my goal to make mainstream, popular work that people want to wear or display on their walls, it’s kind of a nice exercise in itself.

Dead Flowers Blog post by Mika Senda

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