Hello, and thank you for visiting my illustration portfolio!

This portfolio is kind of like a mad scientist’s laboratory. Here, I can experiment, take risks, and try different styles of illustration while posting ongoing work. Find me on Instagram, DribbbleSociety6 and DesignbyHumans.

My Brief Story

Starting in Vancouver as a child, and moving out to Alberta in my teens, I did what many typical art-inclined young persons did: doodled and played with watercolours as a youngling, took art in highschool, then went onto art university. 4 years later, and with a Bachelor of Fine Arts under my belt, I confronted the terrible truth that brewed inside of me: modern painting was just not my thing.

In 2009, and looking for a change in pace, I made the move back out to the coast and enrolled in a design college. It was during this time, that a resurgence of illustration appeared throughout my portfolio. In fact, I had a hard time not thinking of some kind of illustrated concept for most all of my design projects. I graduated, and continued work as a designer, however, illustration remained in the periphery – waving its little arm, demanding more attention from me.

In 2014, I rebooted my illustration interest by making personal works and submitting them to local shows and events. In 2016, I started a blog called Vancouver Loves Their Dogs, where I drew sightings of dogs and their owners around Vancouver. Finally, in 2017, I made the official debut as an illustrator, and gave it the space it deserved here. Please enjoy!